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Aug, 25 Posted by Lexi


Gallery Link >> Candids > 2014 > August 23 – Taken By Paparazzi On The “Climate Reality Project” Set [71x]

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Aug, 19 Posted by Lexi

Sorry for a little break – all photos we have missed to add are already in our gallery, so don’t forget to check them out :-)


May, 16 Posted by Mia



Ian Somerhalder attended promo event for Azzaro Pour Homme at a shopping center on Wednesday (May 14) at Casa Fares in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He looked sexy in his Z Zegna suit, tie and shirt. Ian was very charming and even bitten moderator on her neck. Check photos below and more photos in our gallery.

002.jpg 003.jpg 014.jpg 017.jpg

Apr, 22 Posted by Mia

Ian Somerhalder appeares in the “Tavis Smiley” show tonight (April 22). In this short clip, Somerhalder talks about how he makes the issue of climate change attractive to his younger fans.

Apr, 20 Posted by Mia



Ian Somerhalder looks super suave while attending the Treats! Magazine 7th Issue Launch Party on Wednesday (April 16) at a private home in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Also in attendance at the party, which was held to honor cover star Dylan Penn, was American Idol host Ryan Seacrest. The party was hosted by DTSLD and Shnaap.

c1.jpg c3.jpg c4.jpg c6.jpg

Apr, 20 Posted by Mia

Ian Somerhalder was spotted on Wednesday (April 16) hiding his good looks under sunglasses and a newsboy cap while touching down at LAX Airport.

“A morning stroll through my other home- aeropuerto de Atlanta… Wow, I know this place so well,” the 35-year-old actor tweeted earlier in the day.

normal_11~4.jpg normal_1~23.jpg normal_2~16.jpg normal_10~5.jpg

Apr, 16 Posted by Mia



Today was released a trailer for Ian’s new movie “The Anomaly”. You can see it below. The movie comes to cinemas on July 4, 2014.


Apr, 16 Posted by Mia

Bad news, entire world save for one drop dead gorgeous ocean conservationist: Vampire Diaries’dreamboat Ian Somerhalder has found his future wife. Who is the lucky lady? Read on to find out!

“Umm, is she married??? Does she want to be???” Ian tweetedyesterday, along with a link to an article about Ocean Ramsey, an ocean conservationist who is swimming with sharks in the hope of raising awareness surrounding Great White Sharks and their important place in the ecosystem. Or, as Ocean puts it on her website.

“While swimming with Great Whites is a thrilling and inspiring experience, my interaction with sharks is absolutely driven by my greater goal to advocate shark conservation. Many people fear sharks and have unfortunately only seen them portrayed on TV and in films as mindless man-eating machines. In truth, sharks are intelligent, calculated, and generally very cautious about approaching humans. More importantly, sharks play a vital role in maintaining a healthy ocean ecosystem and are being overfished to the point of extinction.” So, not a fan of Sharknado, then?

Yeah, she’s pretty awesome. In addition to her work as a shark conservationist, Ocean is a model, scuba diver, and free diver. According to her website, she grew up surfing and diving in Hawaii and San Diego, which means she has been swimming with sharks for her entire life. And, we have to say, after watching the videos of Ocean swimming with the fish and seeing how passionate she is about the her mission to change public opinion about these sea-faring creatures, we’re kind of in love with her, too.



Apr, 14 Posted by Mia

Check out this new webclip from this week episode of The Vampire Diaries “Resident Evil“.

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